How To Implement Rx Program In Your State

Learn how to implement the Water Smart Babies program in your state with the following documents.

How to Create a Drowning Prevention Task Force

This document outlines the steps necessary to create a Drowning Prevention Task Force in your area. You'll learn how to establish a team, present the Rx Swim Program at your meeting, how to establish sub-committees and how to launch the program and collect data.

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Presenting to the Pediatricians

Maricopa County Arizona has had 137 water related incidents with 41 deaths, including 15 children, two teens and 24 adults since January 1 through August 31, 2011 (insert your area’s statistics). In comparison, Broward County Florida has had 2 child drownings since the beginning of 2011, an 87% reduction from previous years. How did they do it?

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Rx Swim Action Steps for Pediatricians, Swim Facilities and Task Force

This campaign is to bring awareness and education about drowning prevention to parents/caregivers when they visit their pediatrician. The pediatrician would write out a "prescription" for water safety lessons when the child visits the doctor for his 6 month check up. At that time the pediatrician would hand the parent/caregiver information about the drowning prevention layers of protection for their home and family. As the child visits the pediatrician in subsequent months the doctor would follow up to make sure the family has started getting their home equipped with the layers of protection.

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Letter to Swim Facilities

Prescription for water safety is the latest movement in drowning prevention. The Water Smart Babies Program was adopted by the Florida Pediatric Society, the state chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and launched February 2010. The Florida doctors baby well visits now include water safety education. On the child’s ninth and twelve month visits, the pediatrician writes out a "Doctor's prescription" for water safety lessons! The parents are also given the Water Smart Babies handbook which includes tips on home water safety, water safety lesson facilities (by county), CPR classes (by county) and safety device information, such as pool fencing, door and pool alarms. As the child visits the pediatrician in subsequent months the doctor follows up to make sure the family is getting their home equipped with the layers of protection and the child is participating in water safety lessons.

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Broward County Position Paper

This position statement addresses the Broward County Drowning Prevention Task Force’s explanation of "water safety education" and how the methods we support can aid in the cognitive, physical and emotional development of the child. The benefits of getting children in the water early are far more than just learning to swim. This statement in no way endorses one agency, organization or particular method. What the Drowning Prevention Task Force is supporting is the education and awareness to pediatricians, parents and aquatic professionals the benefits of water safety education to very young children and their development as they grow.

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